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Here at Country Style Dachshunds we have taken what seems to be a very cosmopolitan breed and bought it back to its roots. Our Dachshunds live a modern home with a country lifestyle making them super confident and adaptable to all walks of life.
The Dachshunds are exercised all over the farm with our spaniels exploring the natural environment. Creating a strong pecking order while rummaging through the hedges, paddling through the streams and negotiating various different obstacles each day through the woods and valleys. It keeps them challenged, stimulated and growing in confidence.
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It’s amazing to watch them as a pack working and living together in harmony and taking care of each other.
When they come home they get 5-star treatment, healthy raw diet, lots of loving and lots of sleeping on the sofa it’s a very happy house and full of love.
At Country Style Dachshunds, it’s our aim to breed well-balanced, super cute, spoiled rotten, happy-go-lucky, kid-lovin, shoe-lace grabbin, leaf chasing Mini Dachshunds x

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